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Facial 2

Facial 3 Facial

Short of time? Problematic skin? Suffering with lines and wrinkles? Stressed out? Teenager needing advice?


Click here to download our Facial Flyer, or here to download our Specialist Facial Flyer.

Using Susan Molyneux products especially selected for your skin type, your skin-care worries will be a thing of the past. Choose from the following programmes:

Precious Time Facial - 30 minutes

Are you pushed for time but still need a boost for your skin? This is the one for you: includes cleanse, tone, scrub, mask and moisturise.


Deep Cleansing Facial - 45 minutes

Do you suffer with oily skin, prone to blackheads and blemishes? This facial is just what you need: it includes cleanse, tone, exfoliation, facial steam, mask and moisturise.


Aromatic Facial - 60 minutes

Looking for something to compliment your home-care routine? This is the ideal monthly treatment. Indulge your senses with one of the following:

Fiji Aromatic - Drink in the aromas of Rose and Patchouli whilst they smooth, soothe and soften dry or sensitive skin. The products used within this facial will moisturise your dry, flaky patches; plump up your fine dehydration lines; soothe any broken capillaries and calm any uncomfortable or irritable sensations.

Hawaii Aromatic - The sumptuous aromas of Sandalwood and Lavender will revitalise and refresh normal or combination skin. The products used within this facial will refine an oily T zone; calm sensitive or dry cheeks; soothe any broken capillaries; stimulate congestion and unblock your pores.

Capri Aromatic - The fresh aromas of Camphor and Lemon will invigorate and purify oily skin. The products used within this facial will deep cleanse and unblock your pores; invigorate your dull complexion; combat any breakouts and promote a shine-free, matt appearance.


Hold Back Time Facial - 60 minutes

Over 30 and worried about your lines and wrinkles? This will help to eliminate those fine lines, enhance skin tone and elasticity, invigorate your tissues, stimulate your circulation and leave your skin moist and fresh looking. It includes cleanse, tone, peel, massage, flash relax mask and moisturise.


Hydra Lift Collagen Facial - 60 minutes

The focus for this intensive repairing treatment is the application of a 99% Collagen Veil which delivers a burst of moisture whilst plumping fine lines and wrinkles. This facial hydrates and replenishes vital moisture levels to rediscover that youthful look. Perfect for dehydrated and sun damaged skin. This treatment will leave the skin youthful and enlivened with an even appearance.


Line Smoothing Algae Facial - 60 minutes

A top of the range line smoothing treatment with a seaweed compress containing Marine Magnesium, that smoothes, lifts and energises the skin. The active ingredients give the skin radiance, freshness and tone.


Tailor your facial with one of these add-ons:

Perfect Pout Lip Treatment - Make sure your lips are kissable with this conditioning lip treatment. Smoothes, hydrates and plumps the lips leaving them silky smooth, your loved one won't be able to resist!

Nurturing Neck Treatment - This targets the delicate skin of the neck which is prone to crepiness. Designed to boost hydration, tone and nourish the tissues, this treatment leaves the skin looking smoother, fresher and feeling fabulous!

Revitalising Eye Treatment - Refresh and revive the delicate eye area with this brightening eye treatment. A speciality eye masque firms and tones the skin. Eyes are smoothed and revitalised.

Add to a Precious Time Facial or one of the Aromatics. Cannot be taken as a stand alone treatment. Add an extra 15mins to your treatment time.


Specialist Facials

All specialist facials require a FREE 15 minute consultation prior to booking, so that we can advise which is the best option for you.


Microtone Non-Surgical Facelift - 45 minutes

Feel that your skin is a little saggy, jaw line dropped or eyes not as wide open as they used to be? Then this is the lift you need. Adhesive pads and hand held probes gently pulse and stimulate the facial tissue. At the end of the treatment the facial tissue has been lifted, toned, stimulated to increase collagen and elastin fibres and will feel soft, smooth, refreshed and vibrant. Grey, neglected skins will now look fresh, pink and toned. Depending on the condition, 12 - 20 sessions will be required and thereafter a treatment at regular intervals to retain the results obtained.


Monu Resurface and Peel Treatment - 45 minutes

Does your complexion look dull and need a boost? Problems with acne? The Monu Resurface and Peel system has been formulated for a variety of skin types and will deal with many different concerns within the skin, from acne, scarring, pigmentation and age spots, to reducing wrinkle depth and increasing cell renewal, vitality and radiance. It can reduce the appearance of pores, reduce in-growing hairs, purify and clear congested pores, and brighten and clear a dull complexion. It is an ideal pre and post holiday treat, or for a party or special occasion. You will see maximum benefits from a course of 6 sessions followed up with a regular maintenance treatment and using the Home Care Kit.


Specialised Extraction Facial - 60 minutes

Problem with whiteheads (milia) or blackheads (comedones)? This facial will help, it involves cleansing, exfoliation and steaming of the skin prior to a gentle piercing of the skin to aid extraction. This is followed by a soothing mask and moisturiser. A maximum of 30 minutes extraction will take place. Wendy is the only member of staff qualified to give this treatment.


Extraction Express Facial - 30 minutes

This involves cleansing and steaming the skin prior to a gentle piercing of the skin to aid extraction and then this is followed by a moisturiser. A simpler version of the above facial for when there are fewer blemishes to be removed and a maximum of 15 minutes of extraction will take place. Wendy is the only member of staff qualified to give this treatment.