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Hair Removal

Hair removal Hereford

Hair Removal Hereford Threading Hair Removal Hereford


Fed up with shaving or using depilatory creams?

Start waxing now and see what a difference it can make. If you wax regularly, your hairs will weaken and become finer and more sparse over time. We recommend a monthly treatment to begin with. Many people who have waxed for years now find that they don't have to come as often, and even when the hairs do grow back they are not as noticeable as they are much softer and there are fewer of them!

We use a Cream Warm Wax which contains Tea Tree for the general body hairs and facial hairs. Request our price list or go to our online booking section to see the variety of body areas we treat.


If you are new to waxing we recommend that you leave your hairs to grow for about 2 weeks before coming for a treatment. The hairs need to be long enough to pick up easily between 2 fingers (about 1/4 inch or 0.5 cm long). If the hairs are too short the waxing will not be efficient, the hairs are more likely to break off at the skin level rather than come out from the root, so you will not have a cost effective or satisfying treatment. Click here for our aftercare leaflet.


Click on this link for a picture guide to waxing areas.


Female Intimate Waxing

Brazilian or Hollywood? The choice is yours.
This is becoming an extremely popular treatment for all ages, although we do not carry out this treatment on anyone under 18 years of age.

We will do this for pregnant ladies provided you have had this treatment with us before you were pregnant. That way we can keep an eye on any changes or reactions that might arise due to the pregnancy and advise you accordingly. If you didn't have it with us before you were pregnant then I'm sorry but we won't do it for you until you have had the baby.

We pride ourselves on being the best in Hereford. We only use Hot (Non Strip) Wax for this treatment as it is proven to be kinder to the delicate areas! Click here for our aftercare leaflet.


Threading Hair Removal.

Threading is the latest on trend and most natural way to remove unwanted facial hair. Traditionally in the Middle East and India it is used on the entire face, including upper lip, chin, eyebrows, sideburns, cheeks and forehead. Using a twisted cotton thread it is an alternative to waxing and plucking for both men and women.