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Hands & Feet

Nails Feet Beauty Hereford

Hands Feet Beauty Hereford Manicure Hereford

What can a manicure do for you?

A woman with beautifully manicured hands has more confident body language, and will be more expressive than a woman whose hands are hidden away!
Our manicures include nail shaping, cuticle care and nail painting.


Why not try our fantastic Gel Varnish Manicures? All the benefits of a standard manicure but with the added advantage of this revolutionary new light cured polish formula. It can last for about 2 weeks without smudging, chipping or cracking. No more waiting for varnish to dry, this new light cured polish leaves your nails perfectly finished and ready to go.


What can a pedicure do for you?

A woman with expertly pedicured feet will feel as though she is walking on air and it can improve her posture, so that she appears more confident again.
Our pedicures include a foot soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, hard skin removal and nail painting. Choose a Luxury pedicure and you get the added benefit of a foot and leg massage and a deeply hydrating warm wrap, designed to soften and nourish the skin and nails.

Don't forget to bring some flip flops with you to wear after your treatment so you don't spoil your varnish application. If you have Gel Varnish you don't have to do this of course.


Short of time but still need great looking hands and feet?
Opt for a File and Polish of either your Fingers or Toes. It does exactly what it says on the tin!

If it's just a simple cut and file of your toe nails then we've got that covered too!


Do you bite your nails?
Even the most badly bitten nails will benefit from a regular manicure. The application of a nail strengthener instead of coloured varnish will soon get them on the road to recovery.


Do you have a fungal nail infection, athletes foot or verrucas?

If you have fungal nails then I'm sorry we can't do any nail treatments for you. There is a very high risk that we could cross contaminate our instruments, foot spa and varnishes. If you have athletes foot, once it's cleared up we can look after you. If you have a single verruca or a small patch of them which can be covered with a plaster then we can look after you. If they are widespread we won't be able to treat you. A visit to your local pharmacist should put you in the right direction to getting help for these conditions.